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Froob dot Net Says Welcome!

A froob is a noob who isn't paying for an MMORPG. It is a concatenation of the words "free" and "noob." However, this site is not only for froobs, but for noobs in general. We are writing about the games that are advanced but still free. Examples are Runescape non-membership play, MapleStory and the free week of play in World of Warcraft.

As for now we have articles on MapleStory and RuneScape. They are the two main contenders in the struggle for the young players that are tapping into the MMORPG world.

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RuneScape - Made for Froobs

The second conteder is RuneScape. It can also be played completely for free.

The main problem with the free membership is that you see large banners at the top of the screen. Furthermore, as opposed to MapleStory, access to several items, spells and areas are limited to paying members. However at $5.00, a RuneScape membership is a lot cheapter than for example World of Warcraft's $20 a month.

RuneScape used to be a game with full PKing (player killing), meaning that you could kill any other player and loot all their items and money. That is no longer the case. Furthermore, Jagex, the parent company of RuneScape, has tried to limit the sales of in-game currency by prohibiting uneven trades, based on an automatic system for determining an item's value. This takes away the point of traiding in order to become rich in the game. As of now, people instead hire chinese power leveling teams to farm gold for their account.

If you want to know more about this game, please check out this Runescape Guide.

MapleStory - The Froob's Dream

One of the first games that every noob should try is MapleStory.


As seen in the pictures above, MapleStory is a 2D based game with cute cartoon graphics. This is a unique approach among MMORPGs of today.

Like its arch nemesis, RuneScape, MapleStory is not as known as other contenders, such as Guld Wars, World of Warcraft and Lineage II. However the free memberships and noob friendliness has made the game a huge success.

Since the game is free to play in all aspects, including access to all its in-game features and game areas, no restrictions for leveling or skills, the developers of MapleStory introduced the Cash Shop to generate a revenue. This is a virtual shop where players can buy items using Nexon Cash. These items are mainly for additional customization of your character or your character's pets, such as clothes, hair styles and accessories.

If you want to know more about this game, please check out this MapleStory Guide.

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